Radio technical flights providing

The upper airspace of the Kyrgyz Republic is divided into two areas of responsibility - Bishkek and Osh ATC Centers.

The facilities of radio technical flights providing in the Kyrgyz Republic are located at main airfields. For providing of radar control in flying aircraft on routes radars are used which are installed at the international airports "Manas", "Osh" and "Issyk-Kul".

In order to control in the upper airspace from the single ATC Center in Bishkek the transmission radar signal is organized from radar installed at the international airports "Osh", "Issyk-Kul". For this purpose, the system "Ladoga"  (set of communication tools) was put into operation which connects airports "Manas", "Osh", "Issyk-Kul".

Due to technical assistance of the USA Government the multi-position surveillance system MLAT with 26 sensors and 8 transmitters was installed and commissioned which provides communication and surveillance on all airways of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as the new Tower was constructed and commissioned at the international airport "Manas".

The delivery and starting-up and adjustment works are conducted on the installation of the DVOR / DME / N at the international airports "Issyk-Kul" and "Osh".

At present time the implementation of JICA Grant Aid Project on replace VOR/ DME at the international airport "Manas" is in the process.

Bishkek branch

In the area of ​​responsibility of the Bishkek ACC the radar control is performed by aerodrome en-route radar MSSR - CRS manufactured by JSC "VNIIRA - ATS» Russian Federation, which provides an interface and issuing radar information to users on the automated ATC system "Alpha". En-route radar system TRLK - 11 is used as a backup. Manas Airport is equipped with a modern navigation system VOR - DME, DME 2020, landing system ILS NM -7000 of company NAVIA AVIATION (Norway) allowing for precise landing approach on category 2 from both directions in bad weather conditions. Work positions of controllers are equipped with modern automated ATC system "Alpha" modified for reduced separation RVSM.

In order to arrange ground voice and telephone communication system and as well as to control radio communications with air and ground objects the communication system "Megaphone" is put into operation. For the purpose of automatic recording of radar and audio information the multi-channel recording system "SMART - T" is using. In order to synchronize ATC equipment the system of accurate time "Metronome" is introduced. For the purposes to organize the common information base on prior and current daily flight planning the complex of automation of air traffic planning "Planet" was put into operation.  The hardware - software system "Consultant" is used for entering correction storage and presentation on standalone displays help information necessary for controllers’ staff. The new secondary radar "Aurora" with the possibility of expansion to ADS - B manufactured by JSC "VNIIRA - ATS» of Russian Federation was installed in December 2010 at Issyk-Kul airport.

Osh branch


For radar control the zone of responsibility of Osh ACC the radar manufactured by THOMSON RSM -970 is used. At this time the tender for the purchase and installation of secondary radar and multi position system of aerodrome surveillance MLAT is announced. In 2008 the landing system SP-200 was installed, the automated system of ATC "Nord" was put into operation and also the registration system SMART – T is installed.

The works are carried out on project implementation on installation of new voice communication system at the international airport "Osh".

RTFР Service consists of:

RTFP Service is one of the units of SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia" which is entrusted with the organization of radio technical flights providing.

RTFP Service consists of:

1. Center of radio technical flights providing;

2. Division of maintenance and operation of radar, radio navigation and communication facilities;

3. Division of energy supply;

4. Division of metrology;

RTFP Center includes the Bishkek and Osh Centers of radio technical flights providing.