Flight safety

SE “Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia” developed and approved the Regulations on the system of voluntary messages on flight safety

The present Regulation was developed taking into account of Accident Prevention Manual  (ICAO Doc 9422-AN/923) and the "Safety management  Manual" (Doc 9859).

The main task of the system of voluntary messages on flight safety (hereinafter referred to as  SVRS) SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia" (hereinafter referred to as  Enterprise) is an operation  information to managers of enterprises of hidden defects in the activities of ATS, which  negatively affect  or able to affect to the flight safety.

Operation SVRS should be directed to identification and elimination of this shortcomings.  The Enterprise’s employees should be informed of accepted measures by identified deficiencies.

SVRS  should be ensure strict confidentiality by acquired information. By the voluntary safety can be specified own mistakes individuals filing for voluntary reporting.

The present Regulation defines the administrative law of cooperation between   applicants and those responsible persons  SVRS, consideration of the reports and informing workers of the enterprise on the measures taken by incoming reports.

1. Function of the quality control management by production activity

The Department of the flight safety management system organized  SVRS  (hereinafter referred to as  FSMS department) .  FSMS department provide  registration and preprocessing of voluntary report,  and in cooperation with the heads of departments and branches - operative consideration of  reports, the development of measures aimed at addressing the identified deficiencies, monitor their implementation and to inform workers of the enterprise on these measures.

2. Submission procedure of voluntary reporting

Any workers of enterprise may submit voluntary messages of facts, that negatively affecting to the flight safety, and also  the workers of interacting organizations, airports and airlines and the various service providers.

Voluntary messages can be transmitted through the following channels:

- By email at the address:  safety.kankg@gmail.com

- In writing form at the following address: Bishkek, airport Manas,

SE "Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia"  SMS Department;

- By phone / fax:  +996 (312) 39 30 85.

- In the box "for voluntary messages."

Whenever possible, please leave contact details for further information about the incident. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed at the same time.