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The central system of complex radiotechnical aerodrome meteorological station (СRАМS-4) was purchased and installed at airport Osh according to the Strategic Development Plan of State Enterprise “Kyrgyzaeronavigatsia”. The Act of putting into operation is singed on 5th of November 2021

               СRАМS -4 is intended for:

- collection of information from the field meteorological sensors of main atmosphere parameters on aerodrome;

- processing and archiving of meteodata;

- formation of local regular and special reports for departing and arriving aircraft;

-  formation and transmission of METAR and SPECT reports to AMSC (Automatic Message Switching Centre);

-  transmission of meteorological information to АTIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service).

The Central system СRАМS -4 is included the base and standard set with functions of distribution METAR and SPECT reports in digital form  IWXXM and improvement Global Reporting Format for Runway Surface Conditions (GRF).    СRАМS -4 was installed instead of the old, morally and technically outdated system.